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Developer(s) Studio9, Taijin Media
Publisher(s) Microsoft Game Studios
Release Date(s) July 10, 2005 (KR)
Genre(s) Karaoke
Platform(s) Xbox

ZillerNet is a Korean exclusive karaoke game released on July 10, 2005 for the Xbox. It was developed by Studio9, Taijin Media and published by Microsoft Game Studios. Features of the game include the option to choose between different songs and the ability to sing along with 3D animated dancing people or real life videos.

It contains up to 1800 songs - depending on selected song lists. New songs could been downloaded through Xbox Live. The headset can be used as a basic microphone. A voice masking function, can allow users to switch their voices to male, female, child and robotic sounding tones. Singing can even be recorded and saved to the Xbox hard drive for later playback. Random challenges can be made with family and friends, and score functions are available. There is even a multi-language option that supports Korean, English and Japanese.