Xbox Wiki is a community wiki, meaning the community can make any changes they feel are required on pages and add and update information. However, there are some very important rules when it comes to editing here.

Before reading this page it is also worth reading the Rules and Regulations.

If a page does not follow these policies a cleanup template can be added.


  • All edits must be related to the page and any unrelated edits will be undone.
  • When creating pages make sure they have something to do with the Xbox series.
  • All edits must be written from a neutral perspective, meaning the article will not be addressed to the reader as 'you' but a 'the player'.
  • All edits must be in a formal way, not like a blog post.
  • When typing up and article don't type everything all in one paragraph. Spread it out under headings and sub-headings to make it look neater.
  • A stub template can only be added if a page looks like it is lacking lots of info or it is shorter than 5 paragraphs.
  • All spelling must be in English US.
  • Each page on video games must have the Infobox VG template with relevant information.
  • Every page must have an opening paragraph describing what the page is about.
  • No swear words are to appear in any edits or pages.