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The Xbox 360 E is a video game console developed and marketed by Microsoft. It was the third and final Xbox 360 model and is the successor to the Xbox 360 S.

The console was announced at on June 10, 2013 during E3 and was released the same day in the United States. The console was also released in Europe on June 20. The console was made available in 4GB, 250GB, 320GB and 500GB variants.

Early Xbox 360 E models used the Corona motherboard, which was the same board used in late Xbox 360 S models. Later models of the Xbox 360 E used the Winchester board, which had previously not been used in any Xbox 360 model. Read More...

Did you know...

  • ... the highest Gamerscore in the world is held by smrnov with of over 2,825,664 Gamerscore?

  • ... that almost all Xbox One accessories can be used on the Xbox Series X and S?

  • ... between early 2003 and early 2011, Xbox Live users played more than four billion hours of multiplayer gaming?

  • ... r/MountainDewXbox is a subreddit dedicated to finding and tracking down every Mountain Dew Xbox?

  • ... the Xbox One S and Xbox One X require an adaptor to use the Kinect unlike the original Xbox One, which included a port on the console?

Coming Soon to Game Pass...
  • Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2 - July 3 (Console, PC, Cloud)
  • Cricket 24 - July 9 (Console, PC, Cloud)
  • The Case of the Golden Idol - July 9 (Console, PC, Cloud)
  • Neon White - July 11 (Console, PC, Cloud)
  • Tchia - July 11 (Xbox Series X/S, PC, Cloud)
  • Magical Delicacy - July 16 (Console, PC, Cloud)
  • Flock - July 16 (Console, PC, Cloud)
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