The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is a video game console that was released on May 7, 2019. It became the fourth model to join the Xbox One line of consoles.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is very similar to the regular Xbox One S, the most noticable difference being the console does not include a disc drive.

This Xbox One model was originally bundled with a 1TB console, a Xbox One wireless controller and three preinstalled games, those being Minecraft, Sea of Thieves and Forza Horizon 3. However in some regions codes for Fortnite were bundled with the console rather than Forza Horizon 3.

The console along with the Xbox One X were discontinued in July 2020 in preperation for the then upcomming Xbox Series X.


During late 2018, rumors began to surface online about Microsoft releasing an all digital Xbox. Evidence supporting these rumors were that at E3 in 2018, head of Xbox Phil Spencer announced that the company were working on the next generation of Xbox. Evidence suggested that one of the next gen consoles would be discless and that Microsoft would release a discless Xbox One to see how it would sell. Despite all of the rumors Microsoft refused to confirm any of them.

A few months later, Windows Central began reporting that a discless Xbox One was in development under the code name Maverick and would release in early May. More evidence of a discless Xbox was shown a few weeks later, when Windows Central was given concept images of the console and its box art. They reported that the console would be bundled with three games, those being Minecraft, Sea of Thieves and Forza Horizon 3.

At the annual Xbox Fanfest which was held in April 2019, Microsoft officially unveiled the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. The console is designed exactly like the Xbox One S, minus the disc drive and eject button. Microsoft advertised the console as being the first digital only console ever. Microsoft also showcased the the ability to pre-install games before they release so they are ready to play when the game is launched. Another major feature spotlighted were cloud saves, Microsoft stating it as a way to take your saves on the go and a way to keep them safe in the cloud.

The console was released about a month later on May 7.


The Xbox One S All-Digital has near-identical internals to the regular Xbox One S, including a similar exterior, apart from the disc drive and and eject button.


Just like previous Xbox One models the All-Digital Edition will work with Xbox Live. However, this model focuses more heavily on Xbox Game Pass because of the digital aspect. With Xbox Game Pass users will be able to set up their console and instantly have a large library of games to play.

In April 2019, when the console was announced, Phil Spencer revealed that for a limited time owners of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition (and all other Xbox One models) would have access to a very special offer. For the price of $1 owners of the console will be able to get 3 months of Xbox Game Pass.

Before the console was announced, many sources expected that Microsoft would start a disc to digital service to help users migrate from their physical copies of games to digital copies if they chose to purchase the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. Unfortunatley this was never announced, making all rumors about it false.


  • In the introduction video for the console, Microsoft falsely shows two people playing split-screen in Halo 5: Guardians, a game notorious for its absence of couch co-op/PVP mode.




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