Project Scarlett is the code name for Microsoft's next generation of Xbox consoles.

Phil Spencer confirmed the next generation of Xbox at Microsoft's 2018 Xbox E3 Briefing, and a year later confirmed a Holidays 2020 release date.

Announcement Edit

During the 2018 Xbox E3 Briefing, Phil Spencer stated that they were “deep into architecting the next Xbox consoles, where we will once again deliver on our commitment to deliver the benchmark of console gaming.” Spencer also mentioned the company’s work on AI and on cloud technologies.[1]

Games Edit

No games have been confirmed for Project Scarlett apart from Halo Infinite, but is expected that Cyberpunk 2077 and possibly a new installment in the Grand Theft Auto series will be released for the console.

Launch Titles Edit

So far the only game confirmed for the Scarlett platform is Halo Infinite. Halo Infinite will be a launch title that will release alongside the console. The game will also be released for Xbox One and Windows 10.

Accessories Edit

In June 2019, Microsoft confirmed that all third generation Xbox One controllers (Xbox One S controllers) will work on Project Scarlett. This also includes both the Series 1 and Series 2 Elite Controllers.

“All your accessories are compatible moving forward as well. If you go and buy an Elite Wireless Controller or Series Two Controller that will be forward compatible on the Scarlett.”

—Jason Ronald- Partner Director of Program Management

This means that all Xbox One headsets (including third party ones as well) and other accessories will be compatible will the next gen console unlike the Xbox One was with the Xbox 360.

Models Edit

It is expected that when Xbox Scarlett launches it will launch as two consoles. One cheaper model, possibly focused on digital only content and a more powerful and expensive model. Microsoft is expected to do this as they did with the Xbox One, the Xbox One S being the cheaper alternative and the Xbox One X being the more powerful option.

The names of this two models is unknown but reports are showing that the code names for the consoles are Anaconda and Lockhart.

Anaconda Edit

The Anaconda console will be more powerful and more expensive. Essentially being the successor to the Xbox One X. Anaconda is expected to provide a cutting-edge console gaming experience. It is also rumored that Microsoft is exploring technology to dramatically reduce loading times, potentially including SSD storage in the package.

Lockhart Edit

Lockhart will be the cheaper "S" style console for Xbox Scarlett. This variation will be the affordable SKU, providing the next-gen Xbox experience in a package potentially around as powerful as the current Xbox One X hardware wise, with refinements under the hood.

Some rumors also suggest Lockhart may not include a disc drive, so the console can focus on digital only content. In 2019, Microsoft released and all digital variant of the Xbox One, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. This console, much like the regular Xbox One S, does not include a disc drive. It is believed that this console was released so Microsoft could see how it would sell, so they could find out if it would be worth making one of the next Xbox consoles all digital as well.

However, there has been mixed reports if Microsoft will actually release a cheaper alternative of Xbox Scarlett. In mid 2019, Microsoft stated that Project Lockhart was in fact the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. A few weeks after this statement a report came out that Microsoft would still release a cheaper alternative of the console. A lot of confusion has surounded Prokect Lockhart's existance, all will be cleared up though at E3 2020.

Cloud streaming Edit

Main article: Project X Cloud
It is expected that Project Scarlett will incorporate Project xCloud to make it easier to play Xbox games across a range of devices.


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