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Xbox One Duke Controller - Created by Hyperkin

The Duke (officially named the Xbox controller) was the first controller to be bundled with the Xbox. It was mass produced from the early 2000's to the mid 2000's. The Duke was sold in all countries apart from Japan.

In The Dukes lifetime, it was named as the world's largest controller in the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2008.

Development[edit | edit source]

Before being released The Duke had a prototype model known as the Dakota Pad. The Dakota Pad was very large in size just like The Duke.

Xbox One remake[edit | edit source]

Due to popular demand The Hyperkin Duke controller was created. Microsoft worked with Hyperkin on the new model and it was released in mid 2018.

The Duke for the Xbox One is the same shape and size as the original, but additional buttons such as left and right bumpers are on the controller. There are also no memory card slots on the controller as they are not needed with the Xbox One. Another noticeable difference on the controller is the Xbox logo. On the original Duke the Xbox logo was just a sticker but on the Xbox One version the logo is replaced by a LED screen. This LED screen displays the original Xbox startup screen when turned on and the original Xbox logo when in use.

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