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The Kinect 2.0 was the second model of the Kinect designed for use with Xbox One consoles. All original Xbox One bundles were shipped with the new and updated sensor up until June 2014, when bundles without the Kinect were also made available for a cheaper price.

In 2013, the Xbox One was said to require the Kinect 2.0 to be connected at all times to operate. However, due to a large amount of criticism from the public regarding privacy, Microsoft later decided to change this policy.

As interest declined for the Kinect as the Xbox One went through its lifecycle, later hardware revisions of the console, those being the Xbox One S and Xbox One X did not include a port for the Kinect. This required owners to purchase a separate adaptor to use the Kinect with their consoles.

In 2017, Microsoft announced that the Kinect would be discontinued, although refurbished Kinects can still be purchased from the Microsoft Store and other outlets. A year later Microsoft confirmed to Polygon that they would end production of the Kinect Adapter, making it no longer possible to use a Kinect on the Xbox One S and Xbox One X.


The Kinect 2.0 included a range of improvements and new features. The device included a 1080p camera and the ability to process 2 gigabits of data per second to read the environment. The new Kinect has greater accuracy with three times fidelity of the previous 1.0 and even has the ability to see in the dark, thanks to a new IR sensor. It has a 60% wider field of vision; which can detect the user up to 3 feet from the sensor. The sensor also has the ability to detect six players at once. The device can also detect the players heart rate, facial expression, 25 joints (including thumbs) and the precise rotation of such joints.



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