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A collection of gamerpics that can be chosen on the Xbox One.

Gamerpics (also known as Gamer Pictures on the Xbox 360) are the customizable profile pictures chosen by users for their accounts on the Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles.


Gamerpics are customizable icons that are used as the profile picture for Xbox accounts. They can be chosen from a wide range of options already available on the console or can be customized with the users Avatar.

Overtime more gamerpics have been added to the Xbox One. At launch gamerpics were simply abstract images of things that were designed by the community. But over time more icons have been added from various games such as Halo, Gears and Minecraft.


Gamerpic selection screen on Xbox 360 consoles.

First introduced with the Xbox 360 in 2005, gamerpics were pictures that a user could choose as their profile picture to represent their profile when playing on Xbox Live.

Players could choose from a small number of gamerpics that came included with their console or download additional gamerpics from the Xbox Marketplace. Lots of additional packs were available to download, most packs were from games such as Halo, Minecraft and even Grand Theft Auto V. Other gamerpics included ones from sporting teams and TV shows. Some packs were included with games when being purchased.

Example of Avatar gamerpic.

In 2013 when the Xbox One was released, gamerpics once again made a return. This time even more were included with the console at launch. Over time more and more gamerpics were added to the Xbox One as new games were released. There are currently over 500 gamerpics available for selection on the Xbox One.

Original images for the Xbox One were actually chosen in a contest Microsoft held leading up to the consoles launch[1]. Entrants had to design and create a gamerpic which were then voted on and the final 100 were made available as options. Everyone that successfully had a picture chosen won an Xbox One controller.


As well as being able to choose from the hundreds of already available options, on Xbox One users that have an Avatar can also take pictures with them and then set that as their gamerpic.

In July 2017, a System Update was released that allowed players to upload their own image to use as a gamerpic on the Xbox One.

Xbox 360 gamerpics

By default, there are currently 12 gamerpics for selection on the Xbox 360. Thousands more were also available for purchase in bundled or included when purchasing a game. The default gamerpics can be seen below.

Xbox One gamerpics

On Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles, there are over 576 different gamerpics that players can choose from. This ranges from images related to different Xbox franchises and other forms of abstract art designed by both Xbox themselves and the community. Users are also able to upload their own images for gamerpics if they are over the age of 18 or use their avatar as their gamerpic.

Due to the high number of gamerpics that are available for these consoles, a separate page has been created that contains almost all of the gamerpics available for these consoles.

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