The Entertainment Software Rating Board or ESRB are an organization that rate many video games in the United States of America. An ESRB rating is a rating for the game to give a legal age limit for people buying the game, and a recommendation for people buying the game for someone else.

Esrb ratings

Ratings used by ESRB.

The symbols the ESRB uses are stylized depictions of alphabetical letters meant to convey at a glance a game's suitability. ESRB uses 7 different ratings. They are:

  • EC (Early Childhood)
  • E (Everyone)
  • E10+ (Everyone 10+)
  • T (Teen)
  • M (Mature)
  • AO (Adults Only)
  • RP (Rating Pending) Note: This symbol only appears on a video game for advertisement purposes prior to a game's release.
  • KA (Kids to Adults)

See also

  • OFLC, the Australian media rating system
  • ELSPA, the former British computer and video game rating system, replaced by the PEGI ratings.
  • PEGI, the European computer and video game rating system