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Developer(s) NaturalMotion
Publisher(s) NaturalMotion, 505 Games
Release Date(s) 29 September 2009
Genre(s) Sports
Platform(s) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows

Backbreaker is an American Football video game currently being developed by technology developer NaturalMotion. One of its highlights is the use of the Euphoria engine; a dynamic physics engine that calculates physical interactions (specifically tackles) on the fly, rather than depending on canned animation. Teams and any other associated licenses have not been announced or confirmed.


NaturalMotion has released several short videos that focus on a single aspect of the video game's revolutionary engine. Such videos have featured the audio and audience rendering. While none of these have ever been actual gameplay, on April 21, 2008 NaturalMotion released a short video of a mini-game called Tackle Alley that they announced was actual gameplay footage.[1]


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