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An example of an Xbox Avatar.

Xbox Avatars are virtual figures that normally represent real life people. Xbox LIVE users can make their own avatars on their consoles. Avatars do not necessarily represent the actual user themselves, gamers have the ability to dress up and change the features of their avatar as many times as they like.

When users edit their avatar to their liking they have the option to take a picture of their avatar and set it as their gamer picture however this is optional. Avatars were released to Xbox LIVE when Xbox 360 was released in November 2008. 

Avatars can be edited from and the Xbox SmartGlass application, that is avaliable on most mobile devices. This allows LIVE users to edit their avatar when they are not on their console. 

Avatar Marketplace

The avatar marketplace was introduced to Xbox LIVE on 11th August 2009, allowing users to buy real brand clothing to put on their avatar, in addition users are also able to buy clothing related to games, such as BioShock and Grand Theft Auto V.

More Information

Avatar pictures can be used in online forums and other websites by simply going to:

Note: If your gamertag has spaces, enter "%20" instead of the space.


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